Organic Gardening.

Welcome to Sol Collective’s Urban Garden

By Sammie Lawrence

Our world is going through a change in seasons that brings about the charitable holiday cheer. Sol Collective has been blessed by generous donations and volunteers with an addition to our organic garden. This wondrous garden is now filled of a diverse selection of plants with a variety of uses; all range from healing burn wounds, insect repellents, to curing headaches. Each of the plants are either in pots, cement blocks, wooden beds or our newest addition to the garden; soil mounds. These new soil mounds are actually planted on concrete!
It’s amazing how through this garden, I personally have learned a great deal about life. Gardening relieves stress; it allows me time to reflect on my life and strengthen my bond with nature. Plants are living things: it is scientifically proven they react to human stimuli and music. When I garden; I ask them how they are as I inspect each one. It’s the little things that make a huge difference

Sol’s Garden includes:
·        Aloe Vera
·        Lavender
·        Sage
·        Corn
·        Snow Peas
·        Red Leaf lettuce
·        Green Leaf lettuce
·        Spearmint
·        Mint
·        Basal
·        Lamb’s Ear
·        Green onions
·        Cilantro

Come by any Tuesday or Thursday from noon to six and see for yourself.

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