Freestyling 101 By Kane Tillotson


On October 12th, Sol Collective hosted a freestyle workshop taught by Task 1ne of One Nation Army. The Auburn Hip Hop Congress threw the event. It was a very informative workshop by both Task 1ne and the students in attendance. Task showed everyone what to do (practice, practice, practice), and more importantly, what not to do (think too much).

After the workshop was over, DefEye started off a hip hop show with a few of his signature poems followed by a few songs.  Chozin and Odapt from the Auburn Hip Hop Congress stayed at Sol Collective to perform after the workshop.  It was Odapt’s first ever live performance and the new emcee held it down like he’d been doing it for years.

The headliners of the show were a group known as Civil Writes from Portland, Oregon who killed it. Both the workshop and show were an outstanding success and another step in cultivating the relationship between Sol Collective and the Auburn Hip Hop Congress.

Big ups to (Miss) Natalie Pohley and Rocky Zapata for putting the hip hop workshop series together.

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