Autumn is Here

ImageBy: Chloe Williams


When autumn comes around, I feel renewed. The days seem to go by in slow motion and I notice every detail. The leaves turn color and fall, leaving tree limbs bare and vulnerable to the winter’s chill. My favorite coffee shop is full of people with their noses in books, cozied up in scarves and cardigans, sipping hot matcha and chai lattes.



The season encompasses every aspect of my life. From the places I go to kill time, to the place I lay my head.

My room is filled with hues of deep red and rich brown, and scented heavily by candles named things like Spiced Cider and Pumpkin Pie. My bed is loaded with pillows, blankets, and throws. I keep a bouquet of dried flowers on my bedside table, along with some rustic looking picture frames containing photos of my boyfriend and I. I even go as far as to change the books on my shelves from New York Times best sellers to classics and personal favorites. A cup of tea is perpetually perched atop my night stand.  


This season, Urban Green Life will be posting some great fall and winter tutorials. We’ll have simmering stove top potpourri, customized mugs, and a DIY gift ideas; just to name a few. We also have a new column this season called Sol Food, which will feature some brilliant, hearty recipes for fall and winter.

Until then, share some of your seasonal staples with us.

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