Spanglish Arte comes to Sol Collective!

Spanglish Arte comes to Sol Collective!

Spanglish Arte at Sol Collective.

The new Spanglish Arte location has arrived at the Sol Collective! This is not the first time Spanglish Arte and Sol Collective have come together to build towards arts and culture in the community. For the last few years , Spanglish and Sol have collaborated for the Pinata Festival. Sol Collective recently welcomed the store Spanglish Arte into their space. Along with a beautiful gallery of cultural art, Sol Collective now has a store stocked with 80% local artwork. When you walk into Spanglish at the front of Sol Collective you are welcomed by an array of handmade jewelry, graphic tees, and completely unique knick knacks. Our Q&A with Mari Arreola of Spanglish Arte tells us what her store is all about.

Q: What is the history of Spanglish Arte and Sol Collective? When did you first meet Estella and start working together?

A:I met Estella almost ten years ago through a friend named Jenny. All I remember is the clothes she had on and how cool they were. As the years went by, I heard all about the things Estella did with the community and I knew I wanted to collaborate. We started doing the pinata festival–it’s our fourth year now–and I guess that’s where it all started.

Q: What made you want to collaborate with the Sol Collective?

A: I’ve always been interested in nonprofits and local art. Also, I learned over the years that you should work with people that you like, people that you like to be around. When you generally like someone and what they’re about, the work is good. The energy is great (at Sol Collective) and they’re proactive and care about youth.

Q:What can people expect from the new Spanglish location (especially people who’ve never been)?

A: People can expect to see work from local artists around Northern California, along with art from around the world. Spanglish is space where local artists can begin to make a living off their work.

By Chloe Williams

Spanglish is open Tuesdays-Saturdays from noon-6p.m. and will be opening even earlier in October at 11a.m. Come by and see what all the buzz is about.

Find out more about Spanglish Arte and get your online shop on at

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