So You Wanna Battle?

941178_666302343397893_1708655577_nFor the last few months at Sol Collective’s Microphone Mondays, something very exciting has been going on…  A re-emergence of battle rap culture in Sacramento thanks to Khalid “Impact” Ali and the No Excuses battle league. Currently in the middle of an phonetically furious, and at times, hilarious tournament called Sol Survivor, we caught up with Impact to talk about No Excuses, Sol Survivor, and how more rappers in Sacramento can step into the arena.

Sol: When did you first start taking battle rap serious?

Impact: In 2010, we got a huge demand from people asking for more battles and that’s when it went from something we did on the spot for fun and became something we set up and planned.

Sol: What made you want to start a league? And how does that process work?

Impact: There was never a desire to start a league it was something that just happened. Originally No Excuses was a series of events as a part of a tournament. The process is very boring but it is basically being an event planner so getting a location, staff, battlers/performers and promotion. It sounds easy but it is a lot of work the hardest part though is to get a staff and people that are willing to commit their time and effort.

Sol: How did you get involved with Microphone Mondays and Sol Collective?

Impact: Heard about it a lot from different people, mostly praising it and saying good things. And one of our battlers suggested we hold an event there and the rest is history

Sol: What can people expect when they come out to a No Excuses Battle?

Impact: The unexpected. Yes it is cliché to say that but that’s me being honest. Me, as the president, I never know what to except. I can preplan, conceptualize & envision but at the end of the day Sacramento has so much diversity that we always have something new and different. The only thing that has been consistent is peoples reaction which has always been positive from your 18 yr old thug, your 30 yr old police officer to your 70 year old couple and yes all of those people have come to watch our battles.

Sol: Who are your favorite NE battlers and why?

Impact: Hahaha wow umm. That’s a tough question. My favorite battles are ANT vs Dom, Repellent Vs E Tagg, Kevo Vs Deathspitter and Cris Vs Teddy Graham. My favorite battler right now is MattKO our champ I just wish I could give him more battles!

Sol: How do folks interested in battling sign up for No Excuses?

Impact: Facebook and our website, signing up is easy, just contact us.

Sol: What are you most excited about at the upcoming “Total Elimination” event on July 29th at Sol Collective?

Impact: Repellent Vs Menstral Cycle and then the return of Deathspitter! Its going to be an amazing event lots of new faces and a lot of battles around 6!

Sol: What else is coming up for No Excuses in the coming months?

Impact: We are having some huge events August 24th in Stockton and then August 31st at Sol Survivor. We are also planning to come out to Auburn in September so that should be good.

Join us for No Excuses Total Elimination July 29th at Microphone Mondays. Event starts at 8:08. Battles start after the open mic.

Click this link to find out more:

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