See The Future Just Standing There: Jose DiGregorio

Jose DiGregorio

See The Future Just Standing There is an exciting dive into the world of art that will convert the Sol Collective into a window of exploration. Through the use of celestial imagery and geometric abstraction See The Future Just Standing There travels into the depths of the unknown and is an exploration of the historical question that has challenged human experience. How much impact do we really have in the vast scale of the universe?

Sol Collective is excited to house Jose Di Gregorio’s TrA series which he displayed earlier this year at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art. This will be the first time the Sacramento-based artist will share the work publicly with the city.

Jose Di Gregorio:

Jose Di Gregorio was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in California, where he currently resides. A resident artist at Verge Center For the Arts in Sacramento, Jose has had numerous California shows, including the Flatlanders regional biennial exhibition at the Nelson Gallery at UC Davis, and the solo exhibition TrA at the Indianapolis Museum Of Contemporary Art.

Triangulum Australe 5 right:

Last fall I took both my five and three year old daughters to the planetarium at the Lawrence Hall Of Science in Berkeley, CA. The irony of crossing the threshold from a large, expansive,well-­lit environment and its local familiarities into the small cavernous, quiet space to delve into the ethereal is remarkable. I have no reference or understanding of constellation patterns, but of the 88 constellations that exist and were featured in the program, one in particular caught my attention. It was the small Triangulum Australe (TrA) constellation in the southern sky. What struck me was that it was illustrated as a penrose tribar, the M.C. Escher-­like triangle with logically impossible corners. As Triangulum Australe would intermittently leave the panoramic viewable area to accommodate other constellations I would perseverate over the image. While constellations are nothing more than memory aids to distinguish particular stars, this one transcended that. Romanticizing how impossibly far and esoteric the three stars that make up the constellation are, I held my daughters’ hands. The details of our lives mean nothing in the universe. If we were to leave earth we would mean nothing. We are all destined to be shadows of forgotten ancestors. It’s only through our interactions, whether they be negative or positive, with each other that we truly exist.

Opening Reception July 20th 7-11pm free for all ages

RSVP and share with Friends at:
Exhibit July 20th-August 24th
Gallery Hours: Mon-Thursday 1:30pm-4:30pm
Triangulum Australe 5 left
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