“See The Future Just Standing There” artist Oree Originol


See The Future Just Standing There is the split exhibition between local artist Jose Di Gregorio and Oree Originol

See The Future Just Standing There is an exciting dive into the world of art that will convert the Sol Collective into a window of exploration. Through the use of celestial imagery and geometric abstraction See The Future Just Standing There travels into the depths of the unknown and is an exploration of the historical question that has challenged human experience. How much impact do we really have in the vast scale of the universe? 

Oree Originol

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Oree Originol is an artist who explores geometry, color theory, and ancient spiritual symbolism in his work. Influenced by the structural architecture of his environment, contrasted with the natural patterns in nature, Oree creates lustrous configurations incorporating triangles, circles, and other formulated shapes that interact with textured realms. His paintings form together geometric shapes that illuminate with a spectra of resplendent colors. Within these patterns, primal symbolic shapes and figures evoke a dualistic element that allows the viewer to experience a sense of alignment. Through color and symbolism, Oree examines the powerful influence of dualism in our reality.

 Oree Originol emerged from the streets of Los Angeles where he started doing graffiti and street art. He moved to the Bay Area in 2009, and began exhibiting his artwork in local galleries as well as doing commissioned pieces. He currently resides in Oakland where he has been merging his art practice with social justice movements and continues to develop his artistry.
Opening Reception July 20th 7-11pm free for all ages
RSVP and share with Friends at: https://www.facebook.com/events/381867631913026
Exhibit July 20th-August 24th

Gallery Hours: Mon-Thursday 1:30pm-4:30pm

oree 2


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