Artist Spotlight: KidsoLAr

Artist Spotlight: KidsoLAr

Editor’s note: One of Sacramento’s most accomplished muralists as part of the KIDS crew, KidsoLAr is responsible for work throughout the city including collaborative gallery shows and works with the KIDS crew all over Sacramento. Our youth writer Chloe Williams caught up with KidsoLAr to talk about life, art, and Sol Collective’s Tuesday night Co-Lab.

I met KidsoLAr, clad in a purple sweater and khaki shorts, necklace hanging down the middle of his chest I sat over a steaming chai latte just outside of Insight Coffee Roasters. KidsoLAr is soft spoken and refers to himself as antisocial. Today, he is clad in a purple sweater and khaki shorts, necklace hanging down middle of his chest. His look screams artist, though, most people are unassuming.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Something most people wouldn’t know or guess upon first
meeting you.

KidsoLAr: I guess that I’m an artist, [laughs] nobody really guesses that.”

Q: Are you a Sacramento native?

KidsoLAr: No, I was born in Mexico, brought up in LA and I just landed in Sacramento in ‘96.

Q: In your life and career, how have you seen Sacramento change as far as art and culture goes?

KidsoLar: Well, it’s definitely more supportive of the art. I mean, in 2000, there was very little support for the local artists. It was really just an underground sort of thing.

Q: How often do you attend Tuesday night collabs at Sol Collective?

KidsoLAr: As much as I can, I mean, there are weeks that I miss, but that’s rare. I’m there nearly every week.

Q: How does it affect you as an artist; what’s different about working with the likeminded vs. working in solitude?

KidsoLAr: It’s inspiring, seeing like minded, creative people.You feed off the positive vibes, you know? It gets you past artist’s block. It’s weird because I’m usually anti social, but when I’m there, I’m feeding off all these people’s energy and it’s great. I feel like I’m a part of something.

Q: What generally inspires you?

KidsoLAr: My environment. I observe everything that goes on around me. LA was a huge part of my art and the hard times I went through just motivated me to paint. The main theme of my art is human nature. Just the things we do and why we do them.

Q: Are there any things that particularly spark your interest and just make you need to do your thing?

KidsoLAr: When a day goes by that I don’t paint, I feel off. I just have to.

Q: I noticed that there’s a lot of geometric lines and patterns in your work. Is there any meaning behind that?

KidsoLAr: Symmetry. I really enjoy math and science. I’ve looked at its role in past cultures and I think it’s a huge part of human nature. Everything comes down to numbers.

Q: How would you define your style?

KidsoLAr: It’s basically just me. My work is just my thoughts and experiences.

Q: What is the biggest compliment somebody can give to you about your art?

KidsoLAr: Being able to understand or just showing the slightest hint of knowing what I was doing, it just feels right.

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