The People’s Revolution x Opio raise money for Kiddie Hop – a one of a kind daycare center.

With the message and intention of Hip Hop constantly under fire because of the materialistic, hyper-sexualized nature of the more mainstream rap on the radio, it is seldom that we here of all of the amazing things that Hip Hop is doing locally for the communities it was born out of.

One such shining existence is TPR’s effort to start Kiddie Hop, a daycare center for low income families in South San Francisco.

The vision for Kiddie Hop comes from TPR veteran Old Ghost, also known as Anthony Harper. After suffering a near fatal sickness in 2009, Harper miraculously covered with a new sense of purpose and dedication.

“One day after I was first admitted in the hospital and after my major surgeries the Doctor came in the room and told my I had 3-5 days to live if I didn’t bounce back,” explained Harper. “That night I had a vision and God said to me, ‘I had built you up to be a safe haven and refuge for my children and for years you did what you wanted and not what I had purposed you for and so I have to break your house down to the foundation and rebuild the way I called it to be’ and that very night I had an miraculous healing as well as saw a room with children laughing and playing with toys and planets hanging from the ceiling. It wasn’t until last summer that I saw the fullness of the vision God has.”

When asked about the mission of Kiddie Hop, Harper explained how deep the roots of his passion for Kiddie Hop go.

“Our vision/mission is simple to provide the low-income families who need it with quality early education/childcare and to provide their children with all the love, support, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to claim the future that awaits them. I understand what it is like to be a parent who gives all to ensure their children get the best and even more I know the weight that carries when our society denies this essential tool to both the parents and even more so the children because they either can’t afford it or nothing like it is being provided in and around them and being that my life history literally led me to this point (abandoned with my brothers in a foster home by our birth mom when I was two weeks old and then eventually adopted at four) I just saw it in me and saw a need I could fill.

Harper has been running Kiddie Hop out of his house in Sacramento since 2010 with much success. There are currently 11 children enrolled with more coming soon and a waiting list already started for when facilities open in 2013/2014.

In their efforts to build their own facility in South San Francisco, Harper and TPR are throwing a show at Harlow’s with Opio from Hieroglyphics as well as Live Manikins, DLRN, J Ross Parelli, Tribe of Levi, Nome Nomadd, and Augustus the Elephant.

The show starts at 9 p.m.

Tickets are $10 at the door. $7 presale (

All proceeds will benefit The Kiddie Hop Academy. To find out more about the Kiddie Hop Academy visit 



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