New music from Kahali Oden aka Doey Rock – A Letter To My Kids

Kahali Oden – A Letter To My Kids

This is a new video from Sacramento heavyweight Kahali Oden, also known as Doey Rock (who has also released under the name Mean Doe Green). One of the most prolific writers in Sacramento Doey Rock has always been able to straddle the fence between mainstream and the underground. In his latest, “A Letter To My Kids,” the tree city veteran gets more personal than ever before dedicating three verses to his kids in a heartfelt reminder of the legacy he plans to leave behind.

When asked about his latest name change, Oden explained “My real name is my emcee name from now on. This song is apart of an album called It Aint My Fault. When I started writing it I wanted to only talk about things that came straight from my life. Good or bad, this album is everything I went through and some things I still struggle with. Since it’s the realest music I have ever written I felt I should use my real name.”

Salute, Mr. Oden.

Kudos on this one. Real folks rhyming about real life. Salute.

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