– A New Voice for Musicians Sacramento and Beyond.


Sacramento’s blossoming music scene and musicians have always struggled to keep pace with California’s bigger cities like Los Angeles and the Bay Area. As the city works to break the surface of the mainstream,, a new website started by Jay Clark, aims to change that with a whole new way of supporting local artists.

Comparable to ReverbNation or BandCamp (but with more features), TrueVibz offers artists a real-world connection to their city working with local venues, press publications, and gigs as well as a $1000 monthly contest for artists on the site coming in 2013.

The idea for came in 2011 as Clark and the crew, who are regulars in the Sacramento music scene, took notice of the overwhelming amount of talent in the city in every genre from Folk to Hip Hop and saw an incredible opportunity to support the growing musicscape of Sacramento.

The story of talented musicians unable to sustain themselves on their art was a familiar one for Clark.

“My real love for music started back in Cincinnati, Ohio, where as a young kid I watched my uncle who is a very talented musician play music with different groups. He was at one time voted the best drummer of the year in Cincinnati and had learned how to play almost every instrument in the band,” described Clark, “He could sit down and write song after song but didn’t make it with all the talent he possessed.”

Simultaneously inspired and confused by his Uncle’s incredible musical talents and lack of mainstream success, Clark questioned his uncle about why he felt he hadn’t made it to commercial success. “My Uncle explained to me that each opportunity he had getting signed with a major label or collaborating with other artists they wanted him to change what he was doing and do it their way,” explained Clark, “Most artists are not willing to give up this artistic freedom. So as I thought about it I understood. If I had the talent to be a great musician I wouldn’t want to give up my freedom either, so the lightbulb went off. This is when, as a lover of music, I decided that I really wanted to do something to make a change.”

Clark and TrueVibz have been frequenting music shows at the Sol Collective for the past couple years and recently came on as an official sponsor of Microphone Mondays: The Most Open Mic In The City.

Working with the ProtoLanguage team at Mic Mondays, TrueVibz is continuing their mission to find the most talented, and underexposed artists in the city and get them the recognition they deserve.

“Our mission for is to make a difference for those artists out there that have real talent and really deserve a place where their music can be played and the artist can get paid doing what they love to do, and that’s creating good music.”

– Jay Clark, Founder of

The unique aspect of TrueVibz that has the city buzzing is the monthly $1000 prize for the artist with the most plays on the site. The contest will start as soon as 300 bands have registered through With new bands, rappers, musicians, and song writers of all kinds signing up daily the beginning of the contest is right around the corner.

Sign up for your now and win feature write-ups, press packages, gigs, and more. 

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