Artist Profile: BAMR

By Kaela Hayes

Sol Youth Blogger Kaela Hayes sits down with BAMR to talk about their shared love of art.

Any artist can tell you that what happens in our lives can come out through our art. Finding that niche of how to show those stories, feelings, and ideas may not be as easy for some artists. I sat down with self described Expressionistic Cartoonist Bamr to talk about the different aspects of life that have brought him to be the artist he is today, and what young artists can take away from the techniques that he found useful in finding yourself and your profit. He mixes his love for acrylic paint with occasional pen and ink drawings as well as larger scale graffiti pieces. But his artistic style was not always so clear.

As a teenager, Bamr found his passion after an art teacher had taken him under her wing. When she noticed the natural talent and little direction that he had, she hooked him up the head coach of the football team who wanted the walls of the boys’ locker room painted with the school’s name and mascot. Bamr was not interested until hearing how much they were willing to pay him.

He had realized that he could continue his passion for art and make money.

“It’s all history from there,” Bamr described.


Photo courtesy of Susan Raines

After high school he attended the Art Institute in Sacramento. That’s when Bamr found an appreciation for art education. He now hopes to attend the Art Academy in San Francisco in the near future. When asked how much of his work was natural talent versus what he had learned in school, Bamr began to explain the balance that he has obtained in his art.

By always following the lead of his natural artistic instincts, he finds himself using what he has learned in school about colors, shapes, contrast, and line in every painting that he does. His teacher at the Art Institute liked the style Bamr was creating for himself and asked him to do a collaborative piece with other better-known artists, boosting his drive to find places for his art to be spread.

Being in the business of art has taught Bamr many rules of publicity and networking in the art world that young artists can benefit from. For instance, art collectors and gallery owners may like your art but if they don’t like you, you have a small chance of getting anywhere with the client. By showing them your true personality and more of who you are you are giving them more access into the life of your art and what you are about. This can establish a persona that will be easily recognized and admired by other gallery owners. Bamr gave some insight into just how important the artist’s personal drive, professionalism and confidence is. “Follow through! If you want to get anywhere you have to call people back,” said Bamr, “They’re giving you an opportunity.”

At the young age of 22, Bamr has created a style all his own. By adopting the expressionistic cartoonism ideas that he defines as “expressing modern values in a cartoon way,” he has been able to pull away from other stylized artists. He has proved his unique artistic abilities through his detailed line quality matched with his vibrant contrasting colors. Bamr uses influences from events in his life as well as his aspirations and dreams to show a story through his art. The intended story will always be there in his eyes making his art open to personal interpretation. Through his success he has proved to many youth artists that continuing to learn will not only benefit your knowledge but your art.

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