Chuuwee: Wild Style


With the release of his latest mixtape, Wild Style, Chuuwee continues to put Sacramento on the map in a big way. The latest release from his catalog since signing to Amalgam Digital is a tribute to the 90s. Laced with classic boom bap breaks and sample-driven melodies, Wild Style is a reminiscent tribute that “takes it back” without trying too hard.

The refreshing thing about Chuuwee taking on the 90s style is that he is only 22. That means he was 10 when they were over. “When I first ever heard Hip Hop it was Gangstarr’s Mass Appeal and ever since then I’ve been drawn to that style of Hip Hop. I listen to everything but for some reason that style of Hip Hop draws me in,” he explained when asked where his love for the Golden Era sound comes from.

Far from a mixtape, Wild Style is a 20 song album, over five years in the making, featuring all original production. When asked who his influences were Chuuwee sites the entirety of boom bap. “My inspiration was the entire 1990’s Hip Hop era. Both underground and mainstream.”

The past year has been busy for the Sacramento rap prodigy. Since signing to Amalgam Digital early this year, Chuuwee has been interviewed by Forbes at SXSW, appeared on blogs including 2DopeBoyz, WorldStarHipHop, and most recently The Source. “It’s unbelievable,” Chuuwee explained, “It’s crazy to see myself in a magazine i’ve been reading since age 5…Definitely lets me know i’m doing well.”

Look for an upcoming B-side to Wild Style as well as Chuuwee’s first official album that will hit stores in early 2013. The album, 3rd Coastin’, will be a mesh of Chuuwee’s roots in Houston, his Sacramento flow, and his east coast lyrical influences. One of the most awaited albums in Sacramento is quickly becoming one of the most awaited albums in Hip Hop.

To catch up with Chuuwee’s catalog go to or


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