Destructikonz listening party

by Yvonne Santy

I’ve never been to Blue Prynt before. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find at the downtown corner of 11th and H Street. Searching for one familiar face, I deduced the bar in front of me and the lounge to my right weren’t where I needed to be. I followed the walkway to my left into the back room, where I finally recognized miss Jacquie Yo in a black cocktail dress and black, strappy high heels. I felt underdressed with my plain tee, skinny jeans, and Chucks, but she greeted me and I was relieved to see her.

The listening party was preceded by a mixer at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, August 14th for local hip hop group, the Destructikonz. They first opened the night with a display of group member Aman “Wyzdom” Smith’s portraits. Surrounding the tables and people on the floor were painted images on the walls: Tupac Shakur, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Biggie Smalls, Heath Ledger, and Mac Dre just to name a few.

I was introduced to the Destructikonz: Sean Dustin AKA “R.I. (Reflective Intelligence)”, Aman “Wyzdom” Smith, and Javone Tavares AKA “Floe Montana.” I was not the only one wearing jeans, apparently. The guys were chill and apparently friends with Izreal Graham, who I spoke with for a quick hello.

Before moving upstairs for the music, I spoke with Floe who told me the guys have been friends since high school and making music since 1995. He said their versatile sound could be best described as having “pop sensibilities with hip hop sensations,” and the songs they make revolve around the vibe of the beat. He said underground and commercial producers have worked with the group “to make a quality musical package for consumers.”

From the mixer and art gallery to the photos taken at the top of the stairs, the candlelit tables in the listening room, to the Destructikonz candy bars left for guests, the vibe of the night was classy and fun. I listened to their music, filled out a response card, and danced in my seat.

I watched the world premier of their video “Is this thing on?,” a parody of Lebron James’ Decision.

“…We’re forming a group. The Destructikons are going to take over the world of music,” says Floe of the video’s purpose.

Since the Destructikonz are in marketing mode, they are on Facebook, Twitter, and coming to #themostopenmicinthecity for Microphone Mondays.

“We’re really a product of our community. We embrace, support, and serve our city because a big part of leadership is servitude,” Says R.I.

Check out for their music and video.

Did I mention Destructikonz offer services for songwriting, arrangements, recording, mixing and mastering, graphic art, and video directing?
You can take my word for it, but I’m just saying…

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