Sol Collective Artist Spotlight: Izreal Graham

By Yvonne Santy

Christian cops in hip hop? They do exist and they are far less intimidating than a video camera. This was my first video interview, which was the only reason I was nervous, by the way. So, I was relieved that Filmore “Izreal” Graham was chill. I actually met him some months ago at an album listening party, where I discovered he is a devout Christian, a Grammy-nominated hip hop artist, a father and a cop.

As it is, Graham is releasing his fifth and final album “Hello and Goodbye” on Friday, June 1st here at Sol Collective as he and his wife prepare to adopt an 11 year-old boy from Jamaica. When we spoke, he explained why this is his last album and elaborated on where the proceeds go when people actually purchase an album (for only $7). According to Graham, half the proceeds will go towards the adoption, and the other half go towards The Fluid Life Project he is a part of.

He shared a bit more about how he balances the very different roles in his life with secular and religious responses to his work. I looked up at Izreal Graham as he answered my questions and wondered if I was asking him anything he’d heard before. Maybe, I thought. But maybe more people need to know about the positive work someone can do while he or she manages to wear different hats in the world.

You can check out to follow the adoption Graham’s adoption blog and get more info on The Fluid Life project by checking out

Come to Sol Collective Friday, June 1st to check out the show. $5 gets you in at 9:00 PM.

In addition to Graham’s performance, come see J Ross Parrelli, Mic Jordan, Task1ne, Chad Adams and Harry Brown (hosted by: Old Ghost of the legendary TPR and
DJ Kool Kutz spinning live all night).

Thank you, Izreal, for being a positive force in our community and best of luck with the adoption!

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