The Curandera’s recipe for Comfy

By Yvonne Santy


If you’ve ever considered doing some serious personal healing in your life then you definitely need to be at the next installation of The Curanderismo Series at Sol Collective.

I recently graduated a 12-Step program and I’m still looking for a job. I also just filed for disability because  I need memory therapy after a car accident six years ago. Head injuries are no joke. Oh yeah, and my dad died two years, one month and six days ago.

This month, the Curanderismo class was about emotional healing. I was but one of the forty-something others who learned how to make their own healing scent using flower essentials. Trudy, Atava, and Carmen taught the class about the 13 Aires that pass through our bodies explaining that Aires are forces of nature that are inorganic to our bodies. Anger, for example, has a direction and should pass. When we hold onto it parts of the body become affected and we get sick. The different Aires are: Miedo (fear), Susto (scared), Espanto (fright, terror), Tristesta (sadness), Pena (sorrow), Verguanza (shame), Culpa (guilt), Anguista (angush), Coraje (guilt), Resentimiento (resentment), Celos (jealousy), Envidia (envy), and Egoismo (egoism).

 Not many things phase me in life, but I’m sensitive when I get overwhelmed so, with my  issues and an open mind, I was enlightened last Sunday at Sol Collective. I’m proud to say that I made myself some Comfy.

After I give my bottle a gentle shake, I spritz myself with my own ingredients: Amaranth to work with my anguish. Love Lies Bleeding for my heart (also works with anguish). Morning Glory to find my light. Yarrow for protection. Mimulus for my fear.

I was told to pick five Aires I wanted to address. When Atava told the class. “Remember your intention for this remedy you’re creating,” I felt the energy from the full moon. I realized the air I breathe today was once in my father’s lungs and though he’s passed I still feel his spirit and I still need his protection as I learn to love myself again.

Since I left class that night, I’ve been more than happy to spray myself as I see fit with Comfy.

So what if you may not smell what I do?

I take a big whiff of my Comfy and I know I am where I’m supposed to be.

I hope I see you at the next installation of The Curanderismo Series. Second Sunday of every month. Here. At Sol Collective. Don’t just take my word.


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One thought on “The Curandera’s recipe for Comfy

  1. Not that numbers change the fact, but (I did the math and stand correcting myself) my father passed in 2009. Rest in peace, Dad.

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