Featured Artist @ SXSW: DIBIA$E, Rufio & More

By Domp
Scratchpad offers Sacramento a chance for Dj’s producers and more to interact with each other
and create a music community for the night, LA’s own DIBIA$E was in sacramento for the SEMF that same weekend, the next day just about everyone who was in or at the SEMF was at the Sol Collective Beat Swap Meet. The Collective’s gallery  in the back (Luna Gallery) was where the Producers and Beat Makers workshop was held while record swapping continued.  Among the crowd were the producers and beat makers themselves such as Beautiful Kalimari, Dibia$e and Rufio.  The Session allowed for all three to collaborate while creating a spectacle of modulated samples and sounds. Thanks to Scratchpad for making this happen.
Video by 2HERMANO:

From SXSW:
Enter the world of Los Angeles based producer DIBIA$E, a dichotomy of urban decay and pixelated fantasy DIBIA$ES’ sound is a unique blend of boom-bap cracks, 8-bit fantasies, and half remembered soul chops. His sounds is as much of a reflection of his involvement in various underground L.A. scenes; as it is of his own personal history. The L.A. producer grew up in Watts, the South Los Angeles neighborhood notorious for its race riots and inner city strife. DIBIA$E turned away from his gang-infested surroundings and resigned to his garage, where he found solace in video games and music production. DIBIA$ES’ musical journey includes the boundless experimentation of the “Sketchbook” afterhour beat swaps, the madness of L.A. hot-spot “Low End Theory”, where he claims home field advantage and through his musical headwaters, the legendary South Central LA hip-hop open micProject Blowed” In 2010, DIBIA$E celebrated the release of his first full length LP, “Machines Hate Me” (Alpha Pup Records). The album has been deemed an unbridled statement for the future of L.A. sound. Scatterbrained beats, fuzzed-out synths and unforgiving bass, the album trumps the already steep lever of anticipation for this release. This album serves as a bold statement for the personal and musical journet that DIBIA$E has made, a journey that, judging by his creative prowess, has only just begun.

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