Featured Artist @ SXSW 2011: Baile Funk Queen Zuzuka Poderosa

Sol Collective:

She puts the fun in Baile Funk

By Andrew Bell

For those of you who aren’t up on Baile Funk, meet Zuzuka Poderosa. Born in Brazil, she now resides in New York City where she is pushing Baile funk from the underground to the forefront.

Who is Zuzuka Poderosa? The Queen of Baile Funk. A sultry, unapologetic Brazilian dancehall vixen spitting Portugese rhymes over block rattling bass. A DJ that packs New York City night clubs with Tropical Carioca funk. A street poet known worldwide. A name to watch in the international music scene this year. A Sol favorite.

Last year Zuzuka electrified Sol as part of the Global Hood Music series. Alongside DJ Righteous Trash, Zuzuka brought the spirit of Brazil and swagger of New York to the West Coast and had a blast doing it.

This year she will be returning to Sacramento at Sol to deliver more of the gritty electro funk she is quickly gaining notice around the world for. Recently recruited for Samsung’s Juke Box Hero ad campaign and working with top Brazilian emcee Marcelo D2 on his album Arte do Barulho, Miss Poderosa is making retro neon waves in the international music scene.

Miss Poderosa is currently finishing up her first album with a handful of producers from all over the world while touring with her Rio inspired grit and grime playlist both in the U.S. and internationally. Taking the reigns of what has traditionally been a male dominated genre, Zuzuka is taking back the dancefloor for the girls.

Find out more about Zuzuka Poderosa and hear why she is the queen of Brazilian Baile Funk at www.myspace.com/zuzukapoderosa.

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