Featured Artist @ SXSW 2011: Los Rakas

By Andrew Bell

Take Panamanian rhythms and flow, add a revolutionary female Cuban DJ, and you have the international hip hop act that has been taking California by storm. Los Rakas and DJ Leydis.

The Rappers:

Raka Rich: Born in Northern California before moving to Panama until the age of 12, Raka Rich represents Panama flavor with charisma and high energy. Working solo or with Los Rakas, veteran Raka Rich’s blend of dancehall and hip hop emceeing is infectious whether or not you speak the language.

Dun Dun: One of ten children raised in the barrio of Nuevo Veranillo, Panama, Dun Dun immigrated to Oakland, California in 2001 and has gained acclaim throughout the states for Los Rakas’ inventive combination of South American culture and American hip hop.

The DJ:

DJ Leydis: A true life pioneer of the Cuban hip hop scene, DJ Leydis was the first female DJ in Cuban history to release a mixtape. Also a well known spoken word artist and activist, DJ Leydis helped found Omega Kilay, a Cuban organization supporting women in hip hop.

Together this crew has exploded onto the American hip hop landscape peforming with Cypress Hill, Nas and Damian Marley, Erykah Badu, and Atmosphere (among many others) in 2010 touring and playing festivals all over the West Coast. Look for more music coming soon at http://www.LosRakas.com.

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