Featured artist at SXSW: Chico Mann

by Andrew Bell

Chico Mann is the creation of guitarist Marquitos Garcia from Latin sensation Antibalas. The fresh new Chico Mann sound was inspired by Garcia’s youth and his time spent in his father’s record label’s studio in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen. The idea came to Garcia during downtime touring the globe with Antibalas when he began experimenting on his childhood Casio keyboards with his daughter.

After falling in love with the reminiscent blend of hip hop, Latin fusion, electro, and 8-bit afro-beat, fellow artist, DJ, and promoter Rich Medina turned the Kindred Spirits label in Amsterdam on to what Garcia and the Chico Mann crew was doing. A record deal soon followed for Chico Mann.

With a multi-faceted group of musicians and a funk-driven soul Chico Mann has quickly risen to the top of the afro-beat scene. Inspired by innovators like Fela Kuti, the Chico Mann crew has taken everything listeners love about afro-beat and given it a fresh electro feel that music fans all over the world have responded to with overwhelming enthusiasm.

Find out more at http://www.chicomann.com or pick up the Sol lookbook available in March and at SXSW.

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