By DomP:
Das Rascist were just recently in Park City, UT for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival for their hit video, “Who’s that Brown?”  as part of the festivals film shorts program. I got to catch their performance at the local club, “The Sidecar”.  Their performance had the crowd reciting their video hits “Ek Shaneesh” & “Whos that Brown?” delivering a solid routine of energetic mayhem.
The rap group released two acclaimed mixtapes last year (Shut Up, Dude in March and Sit Down, Man in September) and plan to tour through out the year in support of their current work. The Sol Crew will get to meet up with the Das Crew to discuss the possibility of bringing them to Sacramento for the city to experience.

from SXSW:
Das Racist is a weed edge/hare krishna hard core/art rap/freak folk music trio based in brooklyn, new york, comprised of queens-born himanshu kumar suri, san francisco-born victor vazquez, and queens-born ashok kondabolu. Suri and vazquez met at sarah lawrence bard pomona wesleyan art college in massachusetts, where victor was himanshu’s resident advisor in a “students of color for social justice” themed freshman year dormitory. The duo later added kondabolu as a hype man and spiritual advisor. After a couple of years of occasional drunken freestyles with each other, Himanshu and Victor decided to record a couple of raps together. The first of which was called “We Made It” and immediately became a hit amongst stupid assholes who like rap from the 1990s and really want that shit to keep happening. The second track was called “Fever” and it was fucking terrible – really bad. Then they made some other songs and then they made “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” which is the one that everyone likes and then they made some other songs.


Thursday March 17



Austin Convention Center

Exhibit Hall 3/4

500 E Cesar Chavez St

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