Featured Artist @ SXSW 2011 : The Technique is Immortal

By Sammie Lawrence 

Talent knows no bounds and can sometimes put us out of our comfort zone. Immortal Technique’s lyrically gifted talents of song writing are a perfect example of this. His way of brutally destroying his opposing emcees has garnered him as one of the most respectable underground hip hop artists known. Throughout the streets of New York City, the Afro-Peruvian MC participated in any and every cypher that he encountered, not to mention the gigs and clubs he was performing at to constantly hone his skills. Things weren’t as easy as they are now for the underground hip-hop king.

Born as Felipe Andres Coronel, he was birthed into the conflicting providence of Lima, Peru. His family quickly relocated to Harlem, New York after his birth to escape the war torn province. Harlem had its own share of drama, unlike the corporate agenda that the US was pushing on Cuba (lets save that for another story). Instead of favelas and Cuban drug lords, he was raised around hip hop culture, graffiti, and rhymes. Despite being arrested multiple times as a teenager for what he calls “selfish and childish” behavior he managed to overcome the streets and graduate high school. After enrolling in Pennsylvania State University, multiple assault charges he obtained eventually led to him being incarcerated for a year. During his incarceration, he spent time working on his rhymes. A year later, he would return to New York City to take over the underground hip-hop scene and become known as a gifted and devastating battle MC.
Felipe has released all three of his albums without being signed to a record label because  his lyrics scared them off. They were all looking for a rapper that wasn’t as dirty with their lyrics as he was. Too bad for them.  They missed out on the over 200,000 copies he has sold on his own. Immortal Technique is the only unsigned artist to have been awarded the “Hip-Hop Quotable” award by the Source. His newly anticipated album The Middle Passage, is expected to be completed 2011. 

Immortal Technique will be featured at this years SXSW.com 2011
performing at the Mohawk Pation in Austin, Tx.


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