Art, Culture, and Activism through the eyes of the youth

Sol Collective was founded upon three things.

Art. Culture. And Activism.

As an adult I have my own ideas of what these things mean. But I asked some of our kids here to give me their definitions.

Art by Dylan Chinn

Art is an expression of one’s emotions. They use it as an outlet for the feelings deep inside themselves, thether through drawing, painting, music, or poetry. That’s why when you see a painting or hear a song you feel something from it. You can feel the emotion that the artist put into their work. Art doesn’t just bring out the inner emotions of the artist though. It also affects the viewer as well. Art has the power to bring the deep, inner feelings in all of us to the surface.

Culture by Kane Tillotson

I have a different perception of what culture is than other people. People usually mistake culture for ethnicity. They think that culture is something you’re born with. What is culture? What determines whether or not someone has culture?

I think that culture is what someone believes in, whether it be a God or certain principles. Culture is how someone thinks, and more importantly, what they perceive to be normal. Culture can be what they value. Because what you’re doing when you’re looking into someone’s culture is looking at the important things that distinguish them from the mainstream populus.

Activism by Rikia Cobb

I think that it is one thing to dislike a situation or predicament but a whole other thing to do something to change the situation you don’t like. Taking action against it is activism. Anything that has ever changed or been modified is due to activism. When one or more people unite to stand behind a shared cause. Activism is so important because there is always room for improvement. This can be said for our society that changes every day.

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